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Register or Login on our site

Simply register your name, practice and log-in details. It will take around 60 seconds to register.

Type in the patients details

Medical conditions are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to find the formulation you need. Simply ‘click’ the items, quantity and repeats you want to prescribe. Indicative pricing is provided.

Send & Save

Click ‘Send & Save’ to instantly email the prescription to the MyCompounder Pharmacy. The Pharmacist will call the patient, confirm details and payment over the phone, provide the right advice and dispatch the items same day. Sign the hard copy prescription printed and mail to the pharmacy regularly.

Download the Compound&Go App

Find Compound&Go App on Google Play or App Store on your smartphone, then install it.

Register as a Doctor

On “Getting Started” screen, choose “Practitioner Account” for Doctor / Pharmacy use.

Take a photo and click send

Take a photo of the prescription paper and send the query. The Pharmacists at the Compound&Go service centre will call the patient within 1 hour to arrange the prescription.

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